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Shaping the Data Driven Company

Shaping the Data Driven Company

Learn all about why and how to become a data-driven business!

Is this the course for you?

This course is designed for people who want to understand how data science will impact businesses, who'd like to work in a data-driven business or who simply want to enhance the knowledge they already have about such businesses. Also academics who want to put their understanding of data science into practice or improve their technical skills on data technologies will benefit from taking this course. Managers and CEOs who already manage complex data-driven projects or just want to know how data science will impact their enterprise are also most welcome!

What's this course all about?

This three-week course will help you look at data-driven companies from both a business and a data-centered perspective. This dual view will help you understand why traditional businesses can benefit from transforming into a data-driven business and provides insights on how to tackle this for your own project or business. Moreover, you'll have the opportunity to practice with data science tools and learn how to visualize data. The estimated workload per week is 2 to 4 hours.


Jeroen Geusens

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Meet your coaches!


Born and raised in Istanbul, Öykü moved to the United States to be at one of the frontiers of technology innovation. She obtained her PhD degree on Business Computer Information Systems from the University of North Texas. She has always studied the organisational impact of information technology and enterprise  information systems with keen interest. That is also why she decided to focus her main research and teaching on business intelligence (BI) and how organisations can benefit from it.

Öykü is the main instructor for the first two modules of this course. You can contact her with all your questions during the weekly online office hours.

Hilde Segers

Hilde holds an Engineering degree (ir.) and a M.Sc. in Management from Leuven University.  She spent two years at the Antwerp University developing advanced analytics algorithms for medical images. At iMinds, she led a data project for the startup incubator. The use case in this course draws from this real life experience. She is currently working as a data scientist in the domain of learning analytics for iMinds and EIT Digital.

Hilde will be available on the online platform as well as during the online office hours to answer any questions and elaborate on her experiences with the various data projects she has been involved in. Her main contributions will be related to the iMinds case and the topic of data visualization.