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IoT Business Aspects

IoT Business Aspects

Valuate your product designs for the IoT world

Is this the course for you?

We've designed this course for anyone who's interested in IoT business strategies and IoT business models. Business peopleentrepreneurs and students who are involved in IoT projects are invited to take this course.

What is this course all about?

IoT facilitates new business opportunities! But it also challenges business choices: networked personal devices track your health, industrial machines coordinate and optimize work while cars stream data about their operation. IoT products continue to evolve long after entering service.

In this course you'll be able to:

  • apply new business models and drivers for IoT products
  • design user-centric products
  • deal with security aspects


Jeroen Geusens

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Meet your coaches!

Stijn Schuermans

Stijn is the founder of Innovictory, a business model consulting firm that helps product leaders to create impact in a world of 'free', multi-market competition - and he's lead IoT researcher at VisionMobile. He has over a decade's experience as engineer, product manager, strategist and business analyst.

Steven Van Den Berghe

Steven's main interests include innovation/incubation management, technology strategy, co-creation and collaborative research initiatives, all for creating a world of new, smarter products and services across the broad technological industry landscape. Steven has a Master in Computer Science at Ghent University and performed research in the area of quality of service, traffic engineering and monitoring in IP networks, resulting in the award of his PhD in 2005. In 2006 he won the FITCE.BE Young ICT Personality award. In this course, Steven explains the drivers for the evolution to the Internet of Things. He will also look at different product options and discuss the trade offs between them.

Dimitri Schuurman

Dimitri Schuurman holds a PhD and Master's degree in Communication Sciences from Ghent University. Together with his colleagues, Dimitri developed a specific living lab offering targeted at startups and SMEs, in which he has managed over 50 innovation projects. As a senior researcher, Dimitri is currently responsible for the methodology and academic valorization of living lab projects. He also coordinates a dynamic team of living lab researchers. His main interests and research topics are situated in the domains of open innovation, user innovation, and innovation management.

Lynn Coorevits

Lynn Coorevits has 8 years of experience in innovation research and consultancy. She works as a user researcher, focusing on tools for open and user innovation and design thinking techniques. Her current research focuses on the adoption of sensor technology such as wearables as well as optimization of context integration in Living Lab projects. She works on several SME Living Lab projects ranging from the financial to social industry. She holds a master in Psychology and a master in Marketing Analysis from Ghent University.

Danny De Cock

Danny De Cock received a master’s degree in Computer Science at the K.U.Leuven in 1996. Immediately after his studies, he started working as a full time researcher at the same university’s group ESAT/COSIC, a faculty specialized in computer security and industrial cryptography applications. In this course, Danny will talk about security threats in IoT products.